Halloween At Fever Pitch

Wow! For practical purposes, Halloween is over for Tak & I. What I mean is, we’ve logged nine (9) parties this year! Yes, nine Halloween parties and while today is actually Halloween, it portends to be mild compared to the grand finale yesterday with four parties (including the Luci Show) in one day. Let me pickup from where I left off my reporting on Friday morning. But first, there was Friday night with Halloween at the Distillery.

The still is a great place to party and what better place for a party than a distillery. There’s Strat DJ’ing in his tiger av and Miss Luci Mouse in the lower right.
Here’s a shot from there other side of The Still, if you look for a pair of lions toward the right, that’d be Tak & me. Bottom right is Ayn & Hart, center Thor & LeLe (partnered!) and Bluto & Gala.

Tak and I also went to a rez day party Magi was throwing for her wonderful Alth, but I believe those photos are somewhere on another computer I was using that night. I’ll post those later. Anyway, Happy Rez Day Alth!!  And then came Saturday. Oh my, oh my, did I ever mess up. I can’t say how this mistake happened but somehow I got mixed up on days, I thought the 30th was Sunday and I didn’t realize what the mistake I’d made till Ayn IM’d me on Saturday and wondered where Tak & I were, since I had assured her we were coming to her party. Yikes! Yipes! It was worse still, Tak and I had also promised to go to Tak’s friends’ Karas & Jhons’ party. So the race began, first we dashed over to Aynnie’s place…

Those are skeery meerkats Aynnie & Hart outside their spooky mansion.
That’s me on left in my Lady Sarah threads with Tak in his undeadness. And Luci in her Raggedy Ann, next to peg leg Darrin.

Then we were off to see our friend Laura who introduced us to Karas & Jhon. Wow, they had transformed their place into an amazing skeery place. So Tak and I stuck with our undead look and jumped in with both feet.

Here we are at my favorite place, the cemetery. Wooooooo!
After I rowed Tak across the eery pond while he slept, we made our way to the great hall where ghouls and vampires arrived. There was even a Vamp Queen (for real, you know, like thousands of bites and all).

The day was far from over tho, but first I took a break for about an hour then suited up for The Miss Luci Show at Junkyard Blues. This week it was all-out Halloween and Luci has the girls on the posse decked out in Raggedy Any costumes. The pictures tell the story.

The Junkyard was packed (over 60 peeps) with party goers most of the night. We even had walking pastries from donuts (Kia) to gingerbread men (Tak). hehe

And in the center, Raggedy Luci with Raggedy Yordie on left and Raggedy Gracee on right. Oh, and see that tiny gingerbread man on the left of me? Hehe, that’s Tak.

But even after that, after all those parties we still weren’t done. So, we raced over to Magi’s Halloween Party, and while we were late (party had run for 2 hours already), there were still some great people there and we plunged right in.

Unfortunately, when you dance with a gingerbread man, weird things happen. hehehe (/me waves to Tak… and yells, I see you in there somewhere).
And here’s a shot of us late goers still partying, there’s Magi in her high fashioned witchy woman outfit. I even saw her fly by on a broom. hahhaa… hugs Magi.

That was it for the night. Four great parties on Saturday alone. And while Tak and I weren’t done for the night, that was our last party until next Halloween.

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I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm active on Twitter. I'm a U.S. Air Force veteran. I'm a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games, including an avatar in Second Life. I wrote the sci-fi novel, The Temporal Expeditions.
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