Amazing Builder, Ryusho Ort

Do you recall how taken I was when I first discovered the China Tang Dynasty sim? And you may also recall how shocked and saddened I was when it disappeared one unhappy day. Much of the work of that sim was created by Ryusho Ort, and fortunately for Second Life he is a prolific builder. A few weeks ago he sent me an landmark to a new build he had worked on, it was called Wudang Shan. I’ve been so busy lately that I didn’t make it there till this past Thursday night. We arrived at night and met owner, Tsu Ling. I took a few photos but to do the place justice I will return and do a full photo shoot.

We made our way up the mountain to the great hall where we met owner, Tsu Ling (left).
Inside the great hall we found items of great beauty.
Tak had never seen the work of Ryusho Ort before and was amazed at the exquisite perfection.

As I said, to really do justice to this wonderful region, I’ll have to come back and do a full photo shoot. I encourage anyone who is interested in Asian culture, to visit this sim and explore.

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