Tak & Yordie’s Wedding Reception

Immediately following our wedding on Friday, the wedding guests took limousines to Magi McBride’s Willow Zen Garden for the Tak & Yordie’s Wedding Reception. By the time we arrived Luci & Gracee were already there greeting guests. And by the time I arrived I was so excited and happy and generally gaga, I could barely keep up with all that was going on. I’m going to tell the story of the reception party thru photos.

Before I begin, I want to thank Thor Effingham, Magi McBride, Stevie Superior, Kiff Clutterbuck, Kenn Halibis and Siani Janus for a rich selection of wedding and reception photos. Naturally, our wedding photographer Minnie Tunwarm was busily doing her magic (more on this in the coming days), but without all the photos by friends we wouldn’t have any photos of the wedding.

Wedding guests await limos to Willow Zen Garden.
(photo by Thor Effingham)
Tak & I begin our First Dance
as DJ Breeze Windrum plays “Arms Wide Open” by Creed.
(photo by Thor Effingham)
Guests join the dancing with Tak and Yordie.
(photo by Stevie Superior)
The dance floor fills as more guests arrive, nearly 40 guests.
(photo by Thor Effingham)
And of course, the cutting of the beautiful cake by Luci & Gracee.
(photo by Thor Effingham)
Thor & Leanna get caught up in this whole romance thing.
(photo by Thor Effingham)
And there was a champagne toast, of course!
(photo by Thor Effingham)
And that all important Marriage Certificate,
“Takamatsu Soke & Yordie Sands were joined in marriage…”
(photo by Magi McBride)

Normally I don’t put the guest list of parties into my blog, but this is a very special event and I want to make a list of all the friends who made this the happiest day of my second life.

First, the Wedding Party, thank you for your commitment to making our wedding a success: Leanna, Magi, Dina, Bree, Laura, Thor, Lexi and Kiff. And thank you to our guests, Tak’s family and my family of friends: Clematide & Jhons, Landon, Eth, Dest, Ayn, Tippy, Stevie & Suzy, Kenn & Kizmet, Merrymay, Falling, Siani, Jada & Thunder, Marly, Claudia, Cela & Trammel, Gunny & Carly, Clover & Als, Gala & Blu and Jaco.

Special thanks to Luci Bergbahn & Gracee Beaumont for planning and executing this wedding event. Warmest thanks to Dillon Janus who guided Tak & me through planning our stories and vows. Sweetest love to Minnie Tunwarm for the amazing wedding photos (coming soon).

I know I may seem overly happy, but I am very happy and want to share this unique experience, this virtual marriage with anyone who wants to feel it or just observe it. You see, I never thought I could feel this way.

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I'm an avatar in Second Life and Xbox. I'm also the author of The Temporal Expeditions sci-fi novel series.
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