Strolling The Champs-Élysées

Tak & I have been living in Paris for a week now and because it is so vast, we’ve been using a couples HUD for our travels. There are several wonders in this Paris sim, one of them is the Champs-Élysées. First of all, the avenue is six sims long and the Arc de Triomphe at one end. Amazingly, after extensive searching we have only found a single sidewalk cafe in all of this twelve sim complex. On the other hand, we’ve found many, many truly Paris couture stores and probably as many lingerie stores. Ou La La! So far, we’ve bought dresses and lingerie for me and I’m feeling so selfish, but this weekend I hope to find some Paris fashion for Tak (I promise baby!). So, following are some photos from our strolls over the past week.

Yes, there it is the Arc de Triomphe! It is impressive and altho I didn’t take the measurements like I did with the Eiffel Tower, I assume it is also dimensionally proportionate to the real Arc.
This is just us looking hot underneath the Arc.
And here we are walking along the avenue, window shopping for fashion but with an eye for finding that romantic Paris cafe.
At long last, a cafe to sit in and relax and enjoy the crazy French music (hehe), but fist a kiss.

Obviously there is much more to tell about the goings on in Paris. A couple days ago I finally decided on two lovely gowns, one of which I can’t really wear in public without causing a stir (should I model this one for the blog? hmmmm… what do you think?), the other more conservative but both unmistakeably Parisian.

Oh! Leanna & Thor came over for a visit a couple nights ago, but I didn’t get any photos but I hope to have them back and other friends too, to hangout and explore. And I’ll highlight our apartment in the coming days too.

One thing I’ll keep stressing, this amazing sim group is still being built, and it appears to be the work of a French group who love their city. I keep thinking, it would be so wonderful if the great cities of the real world would sponsor regions like this one.

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