Thor & Leanna’s Window @ Dreams

For as long as I’ve know Thor, he’s been involved in the charitable projects at Dreams sim. And now that Thor & Leanna are partnered, LeLe has joined Thor in his work there. The latest project is “Windows” for Christmas and while there are dozens of other Windows in the current competition, I have no doubt that Thor & Leanna’s is the most Christmasie and delightful exhibit I saw. For one thing, there is a little tiny horse pulling a sleigh. I kid you not. Here are a couple pic I shot while I was touring.

This is an exhibit that caught my eye as I made my way to Thor & Leanna’s,
an animated, rocket power Santa sled zooming across the tops of trees.
I have it from reliable sources that Leanna made the little farmhouse, and if you click on the photo you’ll be able to see the little whte horse & sleigh trotting across the bridge. Yes, and there’s animated snow too.

The people at Dreams work to help victims of stroke and other problems of the nervous system. If you go, be sure to vote for your favorite exhibit and donate to this groups worthy work. /me waves to Leanna & Thor

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  1. Hugs, ….. It was a lot of fun to build a window for the holidays at Dreams… and yes, leanna built the barn, silo, and the trees. /whoooooooooo Stop by the sim and support this worthy cause..they need your help.Thanks Yordie for the post.Love ya!


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