Skating Thru Saturday

Yesterday afternoon, Tak & I had spent time at Club Industry where our friend DJ Clematide Oyen (aka Laura Bondi) was spinning. After the show Laura and her partner JiJi joined Tak & I in Paris at the Eiffel Tower where there just happened to be a skating rink. So, whaddyado in a situation like that? You start skating, and we did.

Here’s me, Laura, Tak and JiJi getting ready to skate. I’d show some skating photos but I wasn’t able to coordinate my skating with my photo shooting.

Later, JiJi had to go to bed (she lives in Italy) and another one of Laura’s friends joined us and we all when shopping. I took them to the shop were I got two fabulous dresses (I’ll model these for the blog soon) and we shopped and strolled the avenue till I had to break before my gig with Luci that night.

Shortly after I returned from the real world, I started my gig with Miss Luci. It was a particularly busy night for me with several challenges to contend with, but hey, this is why they pay hostesses the big money (hehe…kidding,hosting is volunteer work at Junkyard Blues). Ater the show, Tak & I stayed to listen to ArorA Chadborne performing at Winter Skate Park @ The Still and streaming into the Junkyard. This was her Christmas Angel Benefit Concert and as usual, the bluesy community really came thru. Dillon Janus alone contributed L$30,000… Hugs to Dillon.

So, it was getting late but Tak & I still wanted to play around, like first we went base jumping off the Eiffel Tower (there are really cool free parachutes on Xstreet. After falling to my death the first jump, I quickly mastered the technique and we must have make six or eight jumps. Then Tak wanted to do some more skating and I remembered the folder with skating LMs that Leanna had sent me; she and Thor did some cool skating a couple weeks ago. So, Tak and I were off to skate.

Tak & I skated onto the icy pond surrounded bu a little village.
And we skated for at least an hour I think, fortunately we skated mostly on autopilot and I was able to finally shoots some photos.

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a week and a couple days since we married. We are definitely honeymooning in Paris, but we are also commuting all over the grid. I’m trying to get friends together to come shopping with me, so don’t be surprised if you get a spontaneous IM to come shopping.

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