Siani’s Christmas Formal

When you hang out with people at the Junkyard, over time you become friends but if those friends are also Dreamgirls you become family. That’s how it’s been with DG friend Siani Janus. It’s amazing how all this works and more often than not, you get invited to some great parties. Friday, Siani had her Christmas Formal party and she had a lineup of talent for friends to enjoy. Unfortunately, the party was during Tak’s work hours so I went alone, and arrived for the first set of warm and enchanting tunes of Joaquin Gustav.

That’s Joaquin in Santa’s sleigh, creating a beautiful sound in Siani’s gorgeous snow globe.
And in the spectacular green gown, Siani dancing with Barton.
Here’s a shot form behind Joaquin, and if you look just above his head to the left just a click, that’s me in the brown gown. Also, somewhere in there you find Kiff & Dina and several other Junkyard Blues friends.

Thanks for the great party, Siani. I had a lovely time.

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