Christmastime Visiting

This has become the most wonderful Christmas I’ve ever had in Second Life. Looking back, even tho I’ve had great friends in my life, somehow I’ve always been sadly alone, not desperately alone, just sadly alone. But with Tak in my life, everything feels new again.

I’ve got the Christmas spirit in ways I never knew were possible here in SL, and it seems like everyone around me feels that way too, like Thor & Leanna. On Tuesday night the couple had a little Christmas get together at their house, and Judyblue Stand & Blane Sonnenkern and Tak & I came by to visit. What happened could only happen at a party thrown by Thor & Leanna. hehehehehe

Thor invited all of us to go “skating”…. he didn’t mention that he meant in the sky!

We strapped on our sky skies and what you see are the trails we left as we zoomed thru the sky on our skates. It took a little time to get the hang of navigating, but it was amazing the kinds of patterns you could create as you zoomed around.
Here’s a shot from much higher in the sky, but for some really amazing shots
 checkout both Thor’s blog and Leanna’s blog.

We spent way too much time zooming around in the sky and there were many collisions (some deliberate, I’m sure), and it was a blast. Later, we went to the couples home and sat around and just chatted for awhile. One thing we all agreed on is that we are so happy to have found such great partners.

This was the first time I’ve been invited to anyone’s home for a SL Christmas get together. It was the first time for Tak too. And I’m reminded of just how wonderful this kind of get sharing can be. Fantastic idea Leanna & Thor and Merry Christmas to you.

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