The Junkyard Blues Chirstmas Party

Wednesday night was the Junkyard Blues Christmas Party and what could be better than DJ Fiery Otaared spinning and delivering the good cheer! And oh my, oh my, soooo many of the Junkyard Blues family came home to visit. The Yard was packed and this was truly a visual event with so many Dawgs dressed in reds and greens, and Santa and Santa helper threads and lawdy, even a raindeer outfit. This will be my biggest photo spread for the year.

Oh yeah! DJ Fiery “Mama Fi” Otaared was doing what she does best, spinning music and making everybody feel great. Hugs Fiery!
And here is Dina doing what she does best, delivering cordiality to guests as she mingles around the Yard. Love ya’ Dina!
Then there was Kiff delivering his gifts and looking hot and leading all the Santa dudes in their Santa outfits, and wow where there a lot of Santas!
Then there were “The Dawgs”! And they kept coming, some Dawgs and Dreamgirls we haven’t seen in awhile, and their were new Dawgs. And there were even some peeps who didn’t realize it yet, but they’d eventually be Dawgs.
 Here’s a shot of Fiery on the podium, Kiff & Dina to the right and hostess Blonde in the darling green outfit. /me “swimming in yay”
Don’t see yourself yet? Just keep looking because the peeps just kept coming.
And there was a house full of Santas and Santa’s helpers.
Yes, there was a sea of red & green & white! Here’s a shot from a little later in the evening as more old friends “came home”.
Of course, Tak & me (left) were there as were Thor & LeLe (center) and Gracee & Dest (right). Miss Luci arrived a short while later.

It was what I think everyone hoped for, all of our favorite people coming home for a visit to the Junkyard Blues for Christmas. Is it just me or is this a very special Christmas?

Merry Christmas Everyone!
from Yordie,
and from Tak & Yordie

note: This will be my last post till Sunday, as my human will be dragging me into the real world.

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