Travelling Thru Italy

Hi everyone! I’m actually back inworld and touring Italy with my lover-dover, Tak (I love him soooo much). As you know, we went to Paris for our honeymoon and after such an amazing adventure we wanted to find another great city. We chose to explore Italy because I’m part Italian (can you tell? do I talk with my hands too much and stuff? does it show?) and we where hoping to find Roma. Unfortunately, we’ve had to set our sights a little smaller than the mega-sim group that makes up Paris but still we’ve found some wonderful parts of Italy scattered across The Grid. Here are a few places we found (well, basically Tak found them … *giggles*) and experienced since my human’s (well, me too) interlude in the netherworld of no-broadband connection.

Here’s a shot of Torino Italy. It’s a two-sim city with huge amounts of shopping and several nightclubs, plus there were quite a few people there when we toured the city.
And this is a most amazing place called Veneto Vero. It had this great town square and lots of shopping but also we discovered a very Italian garden (below).
Here’s the garden and that’s Tak & me doing what Italian’s do in the garden I guess. I mean, “when in Rome do what the Romans do.”
/me giggles passionately
We discovered this interesting t-shirt shop.

The shop was very well done and the merchandise was very inexpensive but good quality, but the interesting thing is that they have a like to a web store in real life where you can buy the merchandise for real. I think this is a very good idea and when you consider that the rent of the store was prolly less than US$10 a month, it seems like good merchandising to me. Of course, if Second Life continues to stagnate, then my theory of merchandising doesn’t really won’t fly. Just sayin’

So, those are some snippets of our recent travels. We are planning on flying back to the U.S. on Saturday so I’ll be there in time for my gig with Miss Luci. See y’all at Junkyard Blues on Saturday night at 6:00pm SLT.

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