Major Upgrades @ Hosoi Ichiba

Yesterday I got an IM form Amiryu Hosoi, she modestly told me of some changes she made to three of the four sims in the cluster. If you don’t know Ami is, she’s one of the greatest artists in Second Life and I think she’s a genius as well. And I’ve put the Hosoi sim group into my Wonders of Second Life. So, this morning, I made the leap across space and time, and landed at the new gates of Hosoi Ichiba on the Japan Kanto sim.

How Can You Change Perfection?
First, I dug up a photo of the Hosoi Ichiba entrance from the past (2008) and compared them to some photos from now. Check it out.

This is Hosoi Ichiba’s entrance in 2008 and it was simply amazing. How could it possibly be improved?
This is the new fully Japanese style Hosoi Ichiba entrance today. Notice the classic castle entrance. And yes, it is amazing but even more so! This is the artistry of Amiryu Hosoi… it is a masterpiece.

For a great artist, there is no limit to how far they will go to achieve perfection and here’s an example of one of my favorite places in all of the Hosoi group, the bridge at Japan Kanto.

Here is the bridge in 2008. Peaceful, enchanting, amazing.
Here is the bridge today, even more amazing.

I took a few more photos but to do a proper pictorial of the upgraded Hosoi sim group, I’ll have to spend some serious time on all the details. I’ll probably do that as part of a special series about the Wonders of Second Life. I want to do that soon but it will be fore another day. Here’s a couple photos from within the hanamachi (flower town).

Here I am just outside the theater near the cafe as the morning fog still lingers.
And of course, I made my way to the ocean to see all the boaties, here’s a working boat tied up at the docks.

I hope these photos have caught your interest. If so, checkout the Hosoi Ichiba blog and definitely make your way over to this wonderful sim group work of art starting at Hosoi.

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