Running Around on Friday Night

We knew it was gonna be a fast moving evening. We had plans to go to The Distillery then Ambrosia then attend Bree’s birthday party. Of course, to make things even more chaotic, we were also working on plans for the 1st anniversary of Yordie’s Zen Garden at Nishijima. I started out taking photos at the Still but by the time we got to Ambrosia I had lost the handle on that, and when we got to Bree’s party I was swarmed over by the mother of all IM storms.

At the Still, Strat who had just woken from a late afternoon nap (mmmmm I love naps too) was spinning one of his rocking sets. Frick & Frack where there, as were a bunch of our bluesy friends. Except for some tech problems Tak was having, the evening was going well and this would have been great in itself but we had to run off to see Tak’s friend Javier. So, about an hour into the show we said our goodbyes and headed to our next stop.

Tak rediscovered his old friend (from way back in the days of EQ) Javier Dulce one night when we were at Ambrosia. They hadn’t see each other in years and Javier was actually DJ’ing. So, this led to that and the guys are getting caught up and Javier will be spinning some tunes for the garden anniversary. Which is one of the things Tak & I were working on while listening to Javier spin. After an hour tho, it was off to Breeze Windrum’s birthday party.

I’ve know Bree for over two years now and when Eth sent an invite to her birthday party, I especially wanted to come because she’s been such a good friend to me over the years. And wow, what a fantastic party it way with many bluesy friends plus both JimmyT Dukes and Abandon Zane performing. Unfortunately, by this time my head was already spinning and because I hadn’t seen many peeps in awhile I had a swarm of IM’s.

It was a fun party until Thor put Dillon in a cage and I had the fun idea of using my Mystitool to put Thor in one of those invisible boxes things and oh my… then Thor went into action with his assortment of horrors including his giant pickle gun. Then Tak retaliated against Thor, then mayhem insued. (Note to self: don’t provoke Thor.) hehe and sorry Bree. Happy Birthday sweet girl. And nice job Eth on a great party.

It was a high speed evening, and I’m hoping not to combine too many things into one evening in the future.

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