The "Calas Galadhon in Winter" Exhibit

Sunday night was formal night at iMagination Gallery & Studios. Magi McBride presented her latest photo collection called Callas Galadhon in Winter. It wasn’t the first time I’ve gone to the new gallery, but it was the first formal opening and many of our bluesy friends where there including Jaco, Luci, Gracee, Dillon, Tippy, Thor, Ali and Darr. Also, new friends Febs, Dayvid, Lusteh, Fy, Tasty and Sheala were there. Bree put together a wonderful romantic set of music and danced along with her man, Eth. Of course, Tak and I were there too.

The painting captured the beauty of Calas Galadhon in Winter and this is timely because as we learned later, Spring will be coming to Calas in a few weeks. The art, the gallery, the music, the people — all of that would be a wonderful evening but Magi had invited some special guests, Truck Meredith and Tymus Tenk, the amazing men who constructed the nine sims of Calas Galadhad. It was Magi’s night and the arrival of the duo really made this an evening to remember.

Guests danced to Bree’s beautiful selection while other guests explored not only the Calas exhibit, but the others including a reshowing of the World’s End exhibit.
The special guests arrived, Tymus Tenk (left), Magi McBride and Truck Meredith.
Even Jaco wore his formal jeans and danced with Magi.

This was a wonderful evening and as always, it was done with imagination and class. We were able to show our appreciation for both Magi’s photographic art and Ty & Truck’s romantic masterpiece. I recommend to anyone who loves art and beauty to visit iMagination Gallery at Natchez Trace and the Calas Galadhon sim group. And while you are at Calas, please contribute to the charities Truck & Ty support, because Calas Galadhon is their gift to Second Life.

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5 Responses to The "Calas Galadhon in Winter" Exhibit

  1. Alana says:

    Ty for the slurls, this place is awesome! I love the art and the whole feel of the place.


  2. Yordie Sands says:

    Hi Alana… thanks for checking it out. Be sure to checkout the World's End exhibit too. Magi captures the great imaginative sims, and adds her own photographic art to the experience.


  3. Alana says:

    I went to visit the park after the last comment and just had to post about it. It became bit of a fan post :)


  4. Yordie Sands says:

    I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed Calas Galadhon. I'm almost afraid to go there too much, I don't want to discover all it's secrets just yet.


  5. SecondLifer says:

    Where can I get some of those formal jeans? Great blog, following you now!


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