A Return To Nishijima

Part 4, The Samurai & The Geisha

In order for us to remain in Kansai, we’d need more items from our home in Nishijima. Before returning to our home, I left notes for my former little sister, maiko Akiko and big sister, geisha Masumi. I also a message for the esteemed lady of the region, Amiryu. I had met Ami several years ago when I had first visited the great market, and would chat with her on subsequent visits from time to time. My hope was that these greetings would lead to the renewal of friendships and acquaintances.

In the past, I have journeyed to this region for special occasions, especially the wonderful geisha shows of the Nakanoshima okiya and the great traditional celebrations. I had never attended any of these events with my husband, so it was a delight to discover a poster near the sake cafe announcing the Chinese New Year celebration. It was a joy as my Takamatsu expressed great interest in the upcoming celebration, but I could sense he was thinking about this event on a deeper level. I have learned not to pry into his thoughts as times like this, knowing he will share his thoughts in time.

On our journey back to the Nishijima we spoke only to admire the views leading to our home region. We passed swiftly through Little Yoshiwara then slowed as we arrived at our garden. When Taka first found me in this garden, neither he nor I ever imagined that one day he’d marry me. But the winds of fate drew us slowly together, and in so doing Taka became not only my husband but also partner in maintaining this garden.

We stopped and enjoyed the garden then made our way to our house nearby. Taka was very hungry and ate one rice cake from the pantry before I could warm it the way he likes with his tea. And when Taka had finished his meal and morning routine, he held me very close and for a moment time stopped as he gave me a kiss. Then without rest, he left to meet business associates he wanted to invite to a party we’d been planning.

Only a few years ago, I retired as an apprentice geisha and concentrated on my gardening and landscaping. So, it was a surprise when my husband asked me to come out of retirement (so to speak) and do a special performance for his friends and associates. I’d been preparing for the party for many days but now my new kimono was ready, and I wanted to see how it looked as I danced on the tiny stage.

I stood on the teahouse platform, the stage I had chosen for the show. I could feel my beautiful new kimono reaching out to our audience. Was I really going to give a performance again?

Suddenly, I realized I have much more preparation to do including delivering the other kimonos to my my lady friends who would join me in dancing. And I still hadn’t gotten all the music coordinated with the dance. And I had forgotten to buy dance fans. And I must make sure the pastry shop can make a special batch of rice cakes. The one thing I felt secure in, for my performance I had selected, “The Rabbit Who Wanted To Cross The Sea.” Afterall, is this not The Year of The Rabbit. (/me smiles)

Yordie, wife of Takamatsu Soke
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