Yordie’s Zen Garden Celebration

Wednesday was the first anniversary of Yordie’s Zen Garden at it’s location in Nishijima. This year, the garden was buried in snows so, Taka and I decided we’d have a Winter Celebration.

We planned a party that was a little different than many parties. We wanted to have a geisha show to start the party, with me and a couple of girlfriends being willowy and floating as we danced, and I told a story. Then what would a party be without music and dancing, but toward the end of the party we wanted to do one more unusual thing… more on this below.

For any new readers, I have past experience as an apprentice geisha. My geisha name was Suzuki and I was a member of the Little Yoshiwara Okiya. That experience taught me how to organized, rehearse and perform a geisha show in Second Life. It had been quite a long time since I had performed, but I wanted my friends to have a little insight into the things I love. (No, I really have no Japanese ancestry but Taka swears I was Japanese in a previous life….hehe.)

My friend Magi has a long time interest in Zen, and has also created lovely Zen gardens in SL, so it was natural for me to ask her to be a dancer in the show. And of course, how could I possibly have a show of any kind without my longtime gal pal, Leanna. Fortunately, both agreed to be in the show and we spent a couple days getting our kimonos, fans and hairstyles just right. And we rehearsed diligently. Let me tell the rest of the story with photos my friends have provided.

The wintry evening didn’t deter guests who filled the seats of our makeshift theater. Among the guests was my former Onesan (“big sister”) Masumi san, so I became very intent on not making mistakes. (photo by Takamatsu Soke)

The music began, we danced and transitioned into my role as geisha, telling the story of “The Rabbit Who Crossed The Sea”, a tale I felt was particularly appropriate as it is The Year of the Rabbit in Chinese New Years.

The show lasted about 20 minutes where normally a geisha show would be about an hour, but we just intended to give our friends a taste. I learned later that my Onesan approved of my show, and even invited me to audition for some of her productions at Hosoi Ichiba. I was very honored. But now it was time for our party, with DJ Javier “The Candyman” Dulce. Javier is a featured DJ at the Ambrosia Club, which is where Taka rediscovered this old friend one night a few months ago. We had asked Javier to spin a set of some bluesy tunes mixed with some of the tunes he spins at Ambrosia.

At the Harvest Moon Café, friends made their way into our tiny party pavilion, and Javier began spinning the blues. (Photo by Takamatsu Soke)

Many of our bluesy friends came but due to an apparent mix up that happened when I was sending out invitations, and it looks like 30 actually made it. I didn’t learn that this had happened until just before the party. Nonetheless, Minnie, Merrymay & Falls, Gracee & Dest, Dina & Kiff, Kia & Rip, Ellie, Bree, Tippy, Jada & Thunder, Javier’s wife Marley and Thor & Leanna stayed for the party. And although I had mentioned in the invitation, there would be a martial arts exhibition, I don’t think guests were prepared when Taka & I left for a few minutes. When we returned, we had changed into our “exhibition” gear.

Taka gave an introduction to the martial arts, then as Minnie Tunwarm began beating the Japanese drums, Taka & I went down to the ice to demonstrate some of the techniques he’d been teaching me. (Photo by Leanna Chaffe)

As our exhibition came to an end, Thor ignited an amazing fireworks display that lit up the night skies. (Photo by Leanna Chaffe)

Yes, this was an unusual party for a Wednesday night, but we had fun dreaming it up and enlisting friends to help us. Thanks to Magi, Leanna, Thor, Minnie and Javier for this wonderful celebration of a garden that has become more dear to Taka & I each year. Yay 1st Anniversary of Yordie’s Zen Garden!

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm active on Twitter. I'm a U.S. Air Force veteran. I'm a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games, including an avatar in Second Life. I wrote the sci-fi novel, The Temporal Expeditions.
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3 Responses to Yordie’s Zen Garden Celebration

  1. Yordie Sands says:

    Thank you for all your help, Leanna. And thanks for your comment, Dahlia. Yeah, it was a lot to coordinat and Leanna, Magi & me spent a lot of time working out some kinks in our geisha dance hud.The thing is tho, it was fun and having friends willing to help was a very enjoyable part of it.


  2. Dahlia Sweet says:

    Wow, what a night, Yordie! I know how much time and effort it takes to develop and hold an event, and yours with so many different things involved I can see really took some work! It looks like a fabulous event and with so many coming it is a tribute to your friendship.Congratulations on your first anniversary and here's to many, many more. =)


  3. Thanks Yordie…..it was a special evening. You know I love the Zen garden and was honored you included me in the celebration.Hugs girlfriend.


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