Springtime @ Calas Galahon

One morning last week I snuck away for an hour and just wandered around Calas Galadhon. It was springtime and as always, my mood filled out with that joyfulness that comes from being in such beautiful surroundings. Winter at Calas was beautiful too, of course. But my human seemed to be pushing me to find a fresh, green, warm place to help put this long cold winter behind.

So there I was, standing, looking out at the delicate colors and feeling the heartbeat of Spring.
I headed across the bridge that leads into the lush forest, but again I stopped and let my senses drink this special world of Ty & Truck.
The forest is breathtaking as it sits below the Misty Mountains in the distance. I was about to enter when I realized I had not seen the marshlands that had been opened several months ago, and I turned and headed there for a look.
Standing on the edge of Dimrill Dale I could look into the marshlands as rainclouds floated in. I realized I’d need a boat to get over there but that would have to wait for another day.

If your soul needs a fill up of beauty and fantasy, just catch a ride on the nearest teleporter and come visit. You can take the balloon ride but to really feel this place in your spirit, take a long walk in any direction and just keep walking.

Each time I come to Calas Gladhon and environs I realize what a wonderful gift it is to all of us. Thanks Ty & Truck and hey, awwww schucks, thank you for that cute Valentine’s Day teddybear. /me giggles

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  1. One of my favorite places to sneak off and enjoy.Smiles.


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