The Hanamachi

Part 9, The Samurai & the Geisha

In the past several days, Takamatsu san and I have continued to explore our new town and acquaint ourselves with the people. I’ve mentioned that our house is near the Nakanoshima Okiya, but haven’t spoken much about the “flower town” surrounding it, the Miagawacho Hanamachi. Taka and I have spent hours exploring the shops of our hanamachi and again last night, we went over to the sake cafe and met some more of the residents.

When my husband leaves our home to go tend to his business affairs, I sometimes stroll the market looking for supplies for our home and meats & produce for our meals. The other day as I made my way to an area behind the kabuki theater and found the delightful Ramenshop. I was attracted to the smells of the delectable chickens, but once inside I found a fresh assortment of pork buns, cookies and other delights. Knowing Taka’s love of sweets, I bought some of the cookies and three pork buns (two for him, of course) for our dinner that night.

With fine shops like the ‘Ramenshop’, I am finding it more and more tempting to buy prepared foods for our meals now that we have such a wonderful selection.

One night ago, we received a message from our friend Akiko san. She invited us to come to her home to sample tea made from her new teapot. We thought it was a wonderful way to explore our friendship and headed over to see her at the lake house. Unfortunately, as we arrived she needed to leave on an important errand but she invited us to stay and sample the tea and enjoy the comforts of her home.

We arrived at the lake house resting near the great Hosoi Ichiba markets.
In Akiko’s home we sampled her fine tea and again our talk turned to how rapidly we were finding our way in this new community. Shortly after having our tea, we returned home to have our evening meal then later to sleep of the evening.

Today, the Sun rose bright in the sky and I decided it was time for me to go to the docks to see the ships as they sailed in and out of the harbor. I walked quickly through the hanamachi and found my way through the small village near the docks. Taka and I have a wonderful home on the ocean, but the waters are shallower and unlike the nearby port where the large ships are moored. I cannot explain my feeling about the ships, but ever since I was a little girl I loved to see their sails billow in the wind, as their bows spread the waves. And there I was, at the edge of the pier searching the seas for sails.

I stood there for a short time. The only ship I saw was anchored offshore. There were no sails on the horizon today, perhaps tomorrow.

When my husband returns tonight, we will continue my training. Already my training has revealed many secrets that were hidden in plain sight. And yet, each new revelation seems to lead to more questions about who the people are, who our new friends are. I wonder if my husband will join the samurai clan at the Matsumoto Castle, and if so will there be dangers foreseen? I wonder how I will fill my day until my husband’s returns home, perhaps I will indulge myself in a nice nap (/me smiles).

by Yordie, wife of Takamatsu Soke
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About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions, and am working on book 2 of a planned trilogy.
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