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If you ever chat with either Ty Tenk or Truck Meredith you recognize quickly what engaging and kind people they are. So, how wonderful it was to learn about the show called Designing Worlds featuring an interview with Ty. This is an indepth interview and in watching it you find answers to many questions and discover surprising facts about this paradise of ten sims. If you are a fan of Calas Galadhon and environs, please set aside and hour and enjoy the show.

Also… For Valentine’s Day, Ty & Truck sent out a collection of photos that I’m posting a couple of my Springtime favorites here.

Also, Ty sent me a link to a lovely collection of photos by PJ Trenton posted on Flickr. If you are a photographer you’ll identify with those of us who have the urge to shoot photos continuously while visiting.

As always, I would like to remind everyone that the Calas Galadhon sim group is a non-commercial gift to Second Life by Ty & Truck, so please contribute to the charitable causes they support when you visit.

See you there!

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