The Okiya and The Ramenshop

Part 11, The Samurai & The Geisha

The Miagawacho Hanamachi revolves around it’s Nakanoshima Okiya with it’s beautiful and elegant geisha that surely makes this a flower and willow world. It was a peculiar set of circumstances that, after several months of residence in Kansai region, Takamatsu and I had not visited this renowned okiya’s teahouse during it’s hours of operations. It was especially embarrassing considering that my former onesan was a geisha there and I had performed with the geisha in the New Years show.

So, last night, we when we received a note that the Ochaya was open, we decided it was time for us to introduce ourselves and discover the beauty and art of the geisha. When we arrived and were greeted by Geisha Toshiki and the Okaasan Miyako. And shortly after we arrived we were offered beverages, which we found to be quite delicious. The conversation was enjoy able and I mentioned to the geisha of my own past experience as a geisha, before marrying my beloved husband, Takamatsu.

During our visit, several guests arrived including our acquaintance, Spot san, the town administrator. When all the guest had arrived and been served, Geisco Toshiki played enchanting tunes of the shamisen, and later the Okaasan told a wonderful story. My husband was somewhat detached during the show and I wondered what he was thinking, but since I knew Taka was interested in acquiring businesses, I suggested that after the show we might look into some business opportunities in town. So we asked Spot san what was available and he agreed to show us.

Takamatsu and I arrived with other guests as the teahouse was becoming alive with sweet smells, music and friendly conversation.
Taka was served sake and I was served tea as we look into each other’s eyes. I could tell that my husband was enjoying himself but as with all samurai, there is little display of emotion.
The Okaasan graced the guests with her presence, as Geico Toshiki served refreshments.
The two geisha performed and created their magic for guests while two young shikomi quietly observed and learned.

The Nakanoshima Ochaya is one of the most beautiful teahouses I’ve ever visited, and our visit with the magnificent geisha was a delight. And after the show we met with Spot san.


The Ramenshop is a tucked away little shop inside the hanamachi. It is in the square behind the kabuki theater and has a reputation for serving wonderful foods. It has been a favorite of Taka and I since I discovered it and brought delicious foods, especially cookies, home to delight my husband after his long day tending to his businesses.

My husband has also been interested in owning businesses in the region, and after the geisha show, Spot san to show us stores and businesses that might be available to buy or rent. We had our eye on a shop that had just become available, the site of a beautiful kimono shop across the road from the Okiya. We were thinking of renting both the shop for a business and upstairs for Takamatsu’s training center. When Spot advised us that the upstairs wasn’t available, we asked to see other businesses.

I inquired about the Ramenshop and at first Spot san hesitated. But within after some consideration he felt this might workout just fine. And we headed to the Ramenshop. My husband hadn’t visited the shop as much as I had, so after only a few moments, he asked me if I was sure I wanted to own it. I was a bit surprised but said, yes. And a couple minutes later, we had rented the Ramenshop.

Now, this was clearly impetuous and after Spot left we sat down to discuss the goals for the business, and who we’d hire to run the place. For now, we decided to keep the existing shop manager but we made a few small changes.

The wonderful Ramenshop where the delicious foods and comfortable surroundings make it a favorite location to visit when you want some privacy and quiet to enjoy yourself.

Taka and I continue to be surprised at the developments that led us to settle in this town, and at the pace at which opportunities have presented themselves. In many ways, our future is now being shaped by new people and revelations we could not have imagined. I can tell that my husband is pleased with this land. I only hope that as we acquire businesses and develop incomes closer to home, he will become happier.

by Yordie, wife of Takamatsu Soke
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I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions, and am working on book 2 of a planned trilogy.
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