Kiff & Dina’s 4th Anniversary @ Junkyard

Awhile back I asked a Second Life advice column for their insights into making SL marriages last. Their response, “Don’t bother.” Geez, that was helpful. What kind of advice was that? hehehe. Yes, it is hard and there are very few long lasting relationships in SL, but some people find the way.

Last night, Kiff & Dina demonstrated why people should “bother” as they celebrated their 4th (yes, four years) anniversary. People who know Kiff & Dina love them, and because this couple are so loved, both sims of Junkyard Blues were packed all night. The bluesy community poured in including dozens of DJs, REAL Junkyard Dreamgirls and people who just love the blues. It was Saturday night and Miss Luci was spinning and playing some wonderful tunes, she even performed a lovely tribute written by Marcy Wilson.

Here are some photos (I apologize for the low quality of photos but I had Draw Distance set to 128 to help deal with the current broadband performance problem plaguing my computer).

Junkyard Blues was packed all night, average between 60-70 peeps, with people wanting to let Kiff & Dina how much they are loved and how much their marriage means to all of them.
Miss Luci spun one of the most touching sets of loving tunes I think I’ve ever heard in SL. It was formal night and Luci and the Posse set the mood.
And this was a night all about Kiff & Dina, as they danced modestly toward the back of the club to allow arriving guests more space to join in! I particularly loved this photo.
And yes! There was dancin’, prancin’ and roooomancin’. And there were a lot of people who got choked up (/me raise her hand) as Dina revealed some of the secrets to their success.

I wasn’t there in the beginning. I visited the Yard for the first time in 2007, but didn’t become a regular till 2008. Each year I’ve become more and more committed to this junkyard wonderland, and more importantly the people who created it. I feel privileged to be part of this huge extended family. Thank you Kiff & Dina for all that you do, and …

Happy 4th Anniversary Kiff & Dina!!

If you’ve never read the article in Prim Perfect magazine about Kiff & Dina and Junkyard Blues, it’s a must read. In it you’ll learn so much of what they do to make the Junkyard perhaps the top club in all of Second Life, and their marriage work. Also, checkout for more to this story.

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