My Heavy Thoughts

Part 16, The Samurai & The Geisha

When my Takamatsu and I came to Kansai, we were honored to reacquaint ourselves with an old friend, the empress of the region, Amiryu sama. In reconnecting with Ami, as she wishes to be called, I was honored when recently she asked me to serve on her council. I did not know the exact details of what she wanted but I felt so moved by her offer that I accepted without question.

Naturally, when Taka and I acquired our new lands, my available time was impacted but at the same time there were many issues to the empress wanted me to help with. I’ve done my best to spread my time but in recent days, issues have begun to build for both the new lands and at Kansai and the entire Hosoi complex. This afternoon my life became so complicated that I had to find a place to sit and think. And I thought of my friends, the monkey ambassadors at Matsumoto Castle.

I found that special monkey who loves to sit with me there in Matsumoto. I’ve taken to calling him Matsumoto, a name he seems to like.

Earlier in the day there were rumors in Kansai about evil doers wandering in Chubu. I had heard that the Keibatsu samurai clan was engaged in patrols to find and eliminate the trespassers, but still, I knew I was taking a risk in making the journey to the castle in Chubu. Once there though and with my friend Matsumoto, I felt safe. I felt that if something bad were to happen, Matsumoto would be there to protect me. Yes, I know this is a silly notion but this was my thinking.

As the evening rolled in, I hurried through the roads of Chubu, across the huge market and finally back to Kansai and our home there. The air was humid and chill, but comfortable. The evening sky was turning but still filled the clouds with gold. Walking helped ease my mind of the many issues I had learned about. In particular, I would have to break the news to my husband that a clan of Yakuza had moved into our lovely town. I wondered if my cousin Koniki would be safe tending our store.

I sat alone with my heavy thoughts as I tried to find comfort in preparing the evening meal.

The night had moved in on me. The sky outside was dark. My husband was not home. So many concerns were racing through my mind. Our home of safety and joyfulness was suddenly a place where we would have to be very careful. I asked myself, will my husband confront the Yakuza? And the answer was always the same. And I was frightened. All of a suddent, what the future held for us in Kansai was no longer certain.

by Yordie, loving wife of Takamatsu Soke
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About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions, and am working on book 2 of a planned trilogy.
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