Rough Rockin’

It must seem to my old friends that I’ve descended into a world of fantasy as I write my posts about experiences in role play. Actually, I haven’t spent as much time in role play as I would like. The main focus of my time in the past month has been completing the new garden and features at Yemple sim. In fact, I ask Taka tonight about possibly making an official opening tomorrow.

Despite all the role play and gardening going on, I’ve managed to get around to some of my favorite places when my Internet service is not overworked. I’m glad to have learned from other friends that with their own ISP problems coupled with LL’s recent work on sims and who-knows-what, it’s been Rough Rockin’ for a lot of us. I want to take a few minutes to document the problems, lest I forget.

Yess’m, this is Junkyard Blues during a concert about a week ago.
You can say, well, why don’t give it a minute to rez but when your broadband is struggling to give you 500kbps download speeds, and LL has reinstalled old lag bugs, it’s not so easy.
Here we are about 30 minutes later. Taka & I are on the north sim and many clouds are on the south sim. Kiff once told me that he tries new versions of LL software on south sim, so many LL has included a cloud feature in that release.

I hope I don’t sound like I’m criticizing JYB, they are trying new things to fix the terrible lag problems. And I can’t fault LL for trying to refactor there code as they move forward on solving the lag problems. I really believe that’s what’s happening, LL is having to create new frameworks for their server side software. Then I don’t know how much of the hard rockin’ problems are also related to ISPs, like my Frontier Communications. I know Frontier is trying to cleanup bottlenecks too. It’s just hard to hangout with large groups of old friends till these issues are resolved. Then there are other clubs…

And it’s not just JYB, here Taka & I arrived at another favorite club, Ambrosia.
Does this have a familiar feel to it?
About a half-hour later, here we are with everyone more or less fully rezzed.
The key is to just wait and wait and wait.

Junkyard Blues is part of my SL family and I really miss being able to just hop over there and catch shows, so I apologize to Kiff & Dina and my friends. But you can see, it’s been rough. Taka and I have stayed away from sims with large groups and hung out at our garden working on building and gardening, and just wandering around.

Whadda guy! I hopped up on his back and we went on a stroll thru the new garden the other night.
Toward the end of the evening, he tossed me over his shoulder and took me home. I was soooo sleepy.

My hopes are pinned on the techs at Frontier Communications and Linden Lab. I’m hoping they can sort out all the issues that are impacting performance. I’m confident they are trying. /me gives the techs a hug

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2 Responses to Rough Rockin’

  1. Yordie Sands says:

    I've got my fingers crossed, LeLe. Holding my breath too. hehe


  2. Biggest of hugsI wish there was something I could do to speed up the process. Hang in there girlfriend.


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