It’s So Easy…

It’s so easy to become comfortable with someone you love. And it’s so easy to loose track of the things that make your life so much fun when external events sweep you away for awhile. Taka and I were so busy in March with our new garden and home, plus expanding our role play experience at Hosoi. Then this month we’ve been busy with Blues for Autism and all kinds of other external events.

Nonetheless, Taka and I have realized that we need to get back into the swing of things that make our lives so much fun. And we have, even though you might not know by reading my blog, or should I say waiting for any blog posts at all. So, I’m going to try to catch up with events (again) and keep current from this point forward. Let me start with last Saturday.

Last Saturday morning, Tak & I went to see our glamour Italian friend DJ Laura Bondi (aka Clematide Oyen) at Club Industry.
And last Saturday night was the 4th Annual Junkyard Blues Concert for Blues for Autism and if you haven’t read about it, please take a minute to read about it, just click this link
Then on the following afternoon, we felt it was time for some romantic dancing and we put on our best and went to Sweethearts, where romance was just filling the air.
And since this dress of mine has such magical properties over Taka, he suggested that we take our show on over to the Junkyard and dance some more with JY friends.
Well, the Sunday was no where near over, so I took Taka to Prim Hearts. I’d been meaning to since our very first night but kept forgetting but tonight we had the magic.
And you may also know that on Tuesday night, it was the BFA Beach Party featuring ZZ Top and Jacan Slade. Yep, that gorgeous man is my Taka doing his hosting gig. I’m way on the other side co-hosting.
Unfortunately, I missed Kiff’s 5th Rez Day Party
Happy Rez Day Kiff!
By Thursday some external events really slowed us down. On Thursday evening we hungout on Somebody’s Baby and just talked and talked.
Then last night there was a Duran Duran concert @ Pillars, so I dialed up a bunch of girls including Kizzy, Magi and LeLe (left to right) and they joined me and Taka for some dancin’ and prancin. This turned out to be a blast and we will do it more often.

So, I sorta caught up with the events of the past ten days or so. I know I forgot a lot of things I didn’t want to forget but at least I got all this recorded before CRS disease (ask Kiz the meaning of this if you don’t already know) takes them away forever.

Tonight is another Blues for Autism event, btw, check the new BFA Events tab I created during the week.

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I'm an avatar from Second Life and gamer on Xbox. I'm also the author of The Temporal Expeditions sci-fi novel series.
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