Something Awful Has Happened

Takamatsu thrilled me one October night when he proposed marriage atop the Eiffel Tower. The Tower was so big it occupied the entire La Tour Eiffel sim.

The Eiffel Tower was built to exact proportions (SL meters) of the real tower.
We married then spent our honeymoon and Christmas at an apartment just a few blocks from The Tower.

We brought friends to visit our apartment along Avenue Montaigne and to go shopping along the Champs Elysee, but always, we began by taking them to see The Tower. We even did some base jumping off it’s top deck. The Eiffel Tower was the crown jewel of the Paris sim group and despite the fact that the regions wasn’t fully developed yet, it was an easy selection for my Wonders of Second Life.

A couple times in the past month, Taka & I have talked about returning to Paris to see if it was complete. And a couple days ago I pulled up the landmark’s map to see what was new. I was startled to discover that the sim is no longer La Tour Eiffel. I also discovered that 5 of the 10 sims that made up the group were gone, and one of them was basically wiped off. This discovery shocked both Taka and myself, but we didn’t go see what was left.

Today, a short while ago in fact, I visited the remaining sims, mainly about a half of the Champs Elysee and part of Avenue Montaigne. It all seemed normal to me. The avenue was beautiful. I could see the Arc de Triomphe and visited my favorite store. Then I turned and walked toward Montaigne, then around the corner and walked toward the area where the Tower was suppose to be.

I walked along Avenue Montaigne where our honeymoon apartment was once located, but that section is now gone.

I walked all the way to the edge of the sim, still expecting to see the Tower in the distance, but it is gone. The Paris sim group was an extremely ambitious project and if you do the math on ten class 5 servers (~$300/mo) you can quickly compute the costs of maintaining it. You can’t blame anyone for attempting to survive in this austere economy. And the owners did preserve the income producing sims, mainly the stores remain, but also the Arc.

Unfortunately, I can’t stop feeling like something awful has happened.

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1 Response to Something Awful Has Happened

  1. It is hard to see something close that you treasured….I know how much you loved that place… big hugs


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