Taka’s Building

Taka has building for about three months now, but a few weeks ago he decided to build something just for me and he wanted it to be a palace. Since we share an interest in Japanese style and architecture, it wasn’t long before we narrowed our focus. And since we’ve been especially interested in Japan’s Edo period, the focus narrowed even more.

Tak bought a special building tool that helps keep control over the huge number of prims that comprise the building. He’s tried to explain the tool to me, but I don’t quite get it yet; well, I sorta get it.
A few days ago, Tak applied some of the textures and yesterday we selected the doors.
There is still much to do, but I think this is looking great.

The house is huge and inside it is large with a small garden in the center and the second floor opens onto the garden also. Inside there will be a great room on the first floor with a library, kitchen and perhaps a guest room or two. Then the second floor will have a large bedroom, bathroom, perhaps a study, perhaps a guest room or two as well. The second floor’s ceiling is open and there his a vast space up to the roof. I’m pretty sure this house is a bigger project than either of us imagined.

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I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions, and am working on book 2 of a planned trilogy.
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