A Very Romantic Man

It’s been over a week since Taka told me to wait in the garden one evening. The giant Blues for Autism “Blues Fest” was to begin the following morning, but Taka had told me throughout that week I deserved a romantic evening. So, even though I was still tired from all the events and blogging, and despite the fact that my human has exhausted me with all of her activities too, I looked forward to this nebulous, amorous event.

When I arrived inword, I spent my time in the garden. I was still dressed in my kimono, so I didn’t really know how to dress for the evening. All I knew was I wasn’t supposed to come to the house till Taka was through setting things up. And after a short wait and instructions to wear a certain violet dress, he tp’d me to the first floor of hour new, yet unfinished home, and the first sight I saw was a giant picture of our first real date. That first date was at Green Acres Gold Course and it was my first insight into what the evening was going to be.

We spent a surprising amount of time in front of that photo, just talking about how we felt and how we had so many questions about each other. I told him that despite the fact that I’d known him for over a year, the only thing I was really sure of is that I thought he was a really nice guy. And then he took me to the next room where there was yet another photo from those early days when we really got to know each other. We went to three rooms on the first floor and then he asked me to follow him upstairs.

When we got to the end of the upstairs hall, we entered and empty room and I discovered one last photo, the one called “Our Wedding.” And there was also a piano and candelabra which my baby sat down at and began to play.

Is it like this for everyone who is in love? Well, it’s never been like this for me. Taka and I talk, and we seem to have an endless reservoir of things to talk about. And we go places and do things and as Taka say, we would be exhausted if we did all the things we love. But tonight was a night to talk about things we’d done and places we’d visited.

Taka played and told me I am a very romantic woman, but I think the truth is he is a very romantic man.

After Taka’s performance of Moonlight Sonata and so much talk about so many memories, it was time to go to dancing. There was still so much to talk about, and so much dancing to be done. Before we left though, Taka gave me a wonderful diamond and platinum necklace. It was shaped like a heart. /me smiles And yes, I thought to myself, how did I ever get so lucky.

It was Avilion’s ballroom and the music was romantic and I immediately melted into Taka’s arms. We talked and talked and Taka said, we could spend the entire night right here. But we had other plans before this night would end.

Our date reminded me of the night I fell in love with Taka. It reminded me of the unlikely set of circumstances that converged and brought us together. It was sad and funny and romantic. The funny thing is, I don’t think Taka realized that I had really, really fallen in love with him on that night. It took him several days before he began to understand. /me smiles

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