Pulling Back The Reins, Part 2

It has been such a trying time for both me and my human. She will have to deal with her problems but I am exhausted. Is is just me or is it this way with everyone, you don’t realize how overwhelmed you are when you are in the middle of it? You can be doing cool things but even too many cool things can add up. I’ve done so much, had so much fun, but I find that I’m run over, run down and just tired. And I wonder how this happened.

Blues for Autism was a great success and I’m so proud to be part of this group of people. And wow, does Magi McBride ever know how to throw a party and this year’s ball was incredibly relaxing and beautiful. Yet, when I wrote the last blog post I felt off my game and unprepared.

I was deliriously happy. How could you not be happy being wrapped in the arms of a tall, handsome, knight from the days of King Arthur’s court? I mean, how great is that! Yeah, it’s really great!

And somehow I’ve been welcomed into the management of one of the most spectacular sim groups on The Grid, the Hosoi Ichiba sim group. This is such an honor and I’ve become a contributor to their blog, Hosoi Ichiba. I’ve already written three posts including one yesterday about the role play history. Yeah, I dreamed up a History of the Hosoi Empire.

Then there’s our new house. It’s not really a house, it’s more like a palace. Taka is building this from scratch and when you consider that Taka started building only 4 months ago, this is even more amazing. It’s not complete yet, but here’s a peek inside.

Here’s a shot of the interior of our house. Right in the center we have a garden, and the rooms on the first floor open to it. We are still working on textures and the garden itself, but this is a wow.

Then there’s Taka, a totally romantic and wonderful man! We work on our house and the garden together. We are involved in fundraising together. We role play together. We try to keep connected with our roots, like Junkyard Blues, Calas Galadhon and other places where we discovered each other’s hearts.

Still time for hanging at Junkyard Blues, but not enough.
Here we are at that overlook near the place I fell in love with Taka. Maybe it’s best not to come here too much, so we can protect the magic memories.
Here we are at Chakryn Forest after Magi’s “Camelot” ball.

How did I get so lucky? Everything in my second life seems to come from right out of a fairy tale or a romance novel. Everything looks wonderful as far as I can see into the future. But in my fairy tale I’m seeing less of my friends, and even though the future is bright ahead, I can barely see further than a few hours ahead.

It’s really this, there’s a lesson I seem to relearn each year.

Somehow, no matter how intent I am on not letting this happen, there comes a time when I find myself buried under projects and commitments. I’ve taken on far too many projects and commitments, and made too many mistakes. Like I said at the top, you don’t realize how overwhelmed you are when you are in the middle of it. But I realize I’m exhausted and it’s time to pull out that k.d. lang tune and start pulling back the reins.

Let’s say that the “we” is me and my human, so don’t read anything into this other than that perplexing thought.

So yeah, here I am singing another refrain of, “pullin’ back the reins/ trying to remain/ tall in the saddle.”

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