Japanese Palace

Taka wasn’t satisfied with just building a house. He especially wasn’t satisfied with building a samurai house; that’s where we used to live. Taka wanted to build a palace, for me. And, of course, we have stuck with Japanese style and the Edo period in Japanese history (~sorta). I’m sure no one will notice that I’m saying this, but we still are experimenting with textures and we aren’t finished furnishing. So, with that caveat, on with the show.

Here’s a photo from our inner garden looking into our main living room.
MostĀ furniture is from Hosoi Ichiba in case you are interested.
Here’s a view of the living room looking into the garden. Notice the main entrance to the house on the left and entrance to the dining room to the right.
From our living room you can enter the dining room through a main entrance or you can also enter thru sliding doors from garden walkway.
As you come upstairs you see this view of the rooms with the open area in the center overlooking the inner garden below. At the far end is our master bedroom, through the round door that prevents all demons from entering.
This is a shot of the sitting room in the master bedroom.
Most furniture is from Hosoi Ichiba.
And on the other side, an elegant canopy bed.
Most furniture is from Hosoi Ichiba.

I’m not sure when we’ll declare the house complete and furnished, but the building of the house has been a source of great interest for Taka. I think it’s obvious that he’s a very good builder, especially when considering he only started building in mid-January (seriously, he’d never built anything before that). I think we’ve both discovered that finding and in some cases creating textures is one of the biggest challenges, but Taka has bought up every Japanese texture he’s come across. So, even though I’ve shown the house before, it’s worth one last peek at the progress of it’s exterior.

Taka gave me several photos of Japanese style houses and palaces to look at for ideas, and this house is a combination of a large house and a palace.

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