Dizzy With Thoughts

Today is Memorial Day
This is an American holiday to remember and honor the men and women who went to war and died in the service of our country and other countries around the world. God bless the fallen and the families left behind.

Deep, Dizzy Thoughts
May is almost at it’s end. It’s been a month that has left me dizzy with my thoughts. I have gone through big changes since finishing my first story. I’ve completely lost any thread of a follow-up story. I’ve forgotten to take photos where I’d normally pile them up, like Gracee’s 4th Rez Day on Saturday night. It’s not like things aren’t happening, many things are happening in fact.

Big Changes at the Garden
This weekend, Taka and I replaced the old Harvest Moon Cafe with a new one (coming soon but still under development) and we’ve substantially redesigned the garden. There are now two distinct sections connected only by a path through a bamboo thicket. It’s not so shocking really, when we laid out the original garden we realized there would be changes in the future. The big idea behind this change was to get the cafe on the water. Then this led to that and we found a new cafe at Hosoi Ichiba, and we had a new vision of what the cafe can be. More on this soon.

Finding the Self Discipline
Then there’s this, my blogging has dropped off. This month is half the number of posts of last month, and last month is half as many as February. This is not good. I’ve lost my discipline of writing and the blogs readership has dropped off accordingly. So, somehow I need to dig down and get this blog rolling again. Afterall, this blog is so very important. /me giggles. For those who happen up this blog and became bewildered after reading that last statement, it was a joke. But even if this blog is barely a blip in the ether of cyberspace, it is important to me. So, note to self: blog baby, blog.

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions, and am working on book 2 of a planned trilogy.
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1 Response to Dizzy With Thoughts

  1. A New Harvest Moon?Awwww…. I will miss the old one. We have had countless hours of fond memories there. I look forward to seeing the new one! I know it will be amazing.


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