Karter Stonecutter @ The Dolphin Cafe

The Dolphin Cafe is one of the many beautiful hideaways of the Calas Galadhon sim group. It is one more of the projects of Tymus Tenk & Truck Meredith and has the goal of bringing the finest live music to Second Life. I’m a great fan of Ty & Truck but until last Sunday I hadn’t made it over for any of the shows. It was Magi McBride who got me off my butt and I really appreciate it.

Most people know Magi as a club owner, always trying new ideas, but on Sundays she’s taken on a new role as the hostess of The Dolphin Cafe. Yes, you heard it right! And she’s good, mainly because as a club owner she was always acting as a host anyway. So I arrived and did some “woohoos” and “yays” with Magi, then found a spot on the dance floor for the show. Taka’s human was off doing Father’s Day, so I tp’d Kiz in to join me. This was a very special treat for Kiz because she’d never even been to Calas before.

The performer was the handsome Karter Stonecutter and from the moment he began playing the piano it was obvious that he was an exceptional talent. And when he sang with his raspy, soulful voice (Kizzy remarked that he sounded like Billy Joel), I knew I would be disappointed when he stopped. Oh, and Magi told me he plays all of his music by ear. Amazing!

Nestled into a corner of the grandeur of Calas Galadhon is The Dolphin Cafe.
The Dolphin is an open air cafe with a warm, inviting atmosphere.
Karter Stonecutter is one of the best live performers I’ve had the privilege of seeing in Second Life. He plays tunes we all know and his music reaches right into your soul.

The Dolphin Cafe @ Calas Galadhon is an experience for everyone who loves live performances, beautiful music, breathtaking surroundings and an easygoing, playful atmosphere. Btw, Karter performs every third Sunday and I’m already planning to visit with Taka.

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