Zen Garden Update

This is a quickie update on the new Zen garden. The land is fully terraformed and the bamboo forest is far along in it’s development. The garden area has the traditional Zen garden plus a Buddha. The new Harvest Moon Cafe has been built in, but I had to remove the tea house because I ran out of prims. There are several beautiful trees but so far, no grasses, plants or grasses. So I’ll declare the garden 90% complete, although the prim shortage may cause some redesign. Here are a coupe progress photos.

Overhead view shows the garden compound upper left, the bamboo forest (almost everywhere) and the tea house on the little island (had to take it down).
Here I am in my gardening clothes, standing at the landing spot in the middle of the garden/cafe compound.

The big issue I’m facing isn’t prims. I’m thinking ahead to the mid-Summer party and seeing that this is a 1/4sim plot on a Homestead sim, I’m wondering how I can possibly invite all of our friends. I’m thinking maybe we have a rolling party that runs for several hours during the day. /me shakes here head

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