This morning, my friend Amiryu Hosoi, owner of Hosoi Ichiba, reported that there has been a major theft of Hosoi content. She explains that the entire Matsumoto product set was stolen. For those who don’t know, Matsumoto Castle is a L$100,000 product. The Hosoi Ichiba sim group is one of the wonders of Second Life and the products it sells enables the owner to pay for this treasure. I know Linden Lab is aware of this problem, but they apparently cannot stop it.

The magnificent Matsumoto Castle is a masterpiece, for sale to anyone in SL. Sales of Hosoi Products keep the Hosoi Ichiba sim group open for the public.

Ami Hosoi is a talented artist and a gentle soul. Her fine products have been the focus of thieves since she began her work over four years ago. Please show your support for Ami.

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