I, Dreamgirl

/me blushes. Ok, ok, ok, last week I said there’d be some changes. And I promised to do some fashion posts and even model. So, instead of paying my August tier, I went on a wild shopping spree. I bought a lot of stuff including some hotpants, jacket, tall boots and new jewelry. And here is my first crack at a fashion blogging. Yes, I know I look like a hooker, but this is really a fun outfit, and besides I am a “REAL JYB Dreamgirl.”

The glitter pants are by LeeZu!, boots by *Alpestyle*, jacket by +grasp+, jewelry by League and photography by me (more on this soon). Btw, You don’t really think I’ll tell you where I got my hair or skin, do you? But yes, I created my own shape.

I promise to get better at all this as I do more fashion posts.

About Yordie

I'm an avatar from Second Life and gamer on Xbox. I'm also the author of The Temporal Expeditions sci-fi novel series.
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2 Responses to I, Dreamgirl

  1. Giggles…… love it Yordie..Hugz


  2. Anonymous says:

    Very modern Barbarella. Cute, Yordie. Carry On. You look like a sexy starship captain !


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