Maximillion Kleene @ Key West Marina

Last night I continued my wandering across the grid and found my way to the Key West Island sim at the Key West Resort & Marina. I’m not sure how many live acts are scheduled each night, but I arrived for Maximillion Kleene’s performance. Max plays the acoustic guitar and sings, a gentle folksy sound, a Canadian folksy sound. It was a really nice performance in a lovely environment. And yes, it had a feel of the Florida Keys.

The Key West sim group stretches out across four sims, here is a view of about two of the sims with the Marina in the center.
And here’s a shot of the Marina itself, a very comfortable place with a huge open air amphitheater. Btw, in the distant top right is a partially sunken ship, awaiting a scuba exploration.
Here’s Maximillion performing to an audience of over forty peeps (I even saw fashion celeb Rebel Hope in the audience). Max has an easy listening style and a warm personality. It’s good music.
I have always loved these open air coastal settings, like Junkyard Blues, The Dolphin Cafe, Pier and others. It runs in my blood; well, my human’s blood.

I spoke with the co-owner of the sims, Liz Harley, about the sims. She told me it is still a work in progress but from what I’ve seen by camming around, it’s got a really nice Keysie (I know that can’t be a word) feel to it. It even brought back memories of those great days I spent living at New Key West(now gone). I’ll be back for more live entertainment and to explore this fascinating region of Second Life.

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I'm an avatar from Second Life and Xbox gamer. I wrote the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions, and am working on book 2 of trilogy.
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