A Treasure

I’ve been to many live shows in Second Life, but this evening I attended a concert by Samm Qendra and she delivered a performance I’ll remember for a long time. Samm sang at The Spring Glass Pavilion at Calas Galadhon to a packed house. And from the opening song to the very end, this lady filled the night with her fresh, lovely and even darling music.

I am writing this post only moments after the show ended because I’m very enthusiastic about this lady. Her singing touched my heart with her renditions of “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”, “I Will Always Love You” and re-opened a world of wonder with “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” Here are some photos that caught a few moments of her performing.

It was Sunday evening, the attire was formal, and the Pavilion was packed.
Samm began to sing with a delicate, soulful and deeply moving voice that at once caught the full attention of the crowd.
Her avatar was so perfectly in tune with the singing and the personality coming through the speakers, I felt as if I knew this young girl. And I’m told she is relatively young, although in Second Life we shouldn’t care about anyone’s “real” age.

Here’s some comments from Samm’s Profile: “I’m just a simple, ordinary girl who loves to sing. I’ve always believed that everything that comes from the heart touches hearts, with that said I sing songs that I can connect to most of the times.”

Sometimes, excellent singers don’t come across well in Second Life because of sound system or studio or other technical issues. But when a fine singer has it all going right, you know! And this lady had it right. Samm is a wonderful performer and a delight with her occasional giggles as she responds to streaming chat. I feel at a loss for not having found her sooner. She is a Second Life treasure and I look forward to her coming concerts.

Second Life video producers Geo Meek, Faya Angel and Robert Little have recorded several concerts and I think you should take a moment to listen to at least one of the following links.

Robert Little production:
Samm Qendra Performing at Cheers  “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”

Faya Angel productions
Samm Qendra Performing at The Rose Theatre

Geo Meeks productions:
Samm Qendra Performing at Chez Roz 1
Samm Qendra Performing at Chez Roz 2

Once again, Magi McBride has brought amazing talent to Truck Meredith & Ty Tenk’s wonderful Spring Glass Pavilion. Thank you for these gifts to Second Life.

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