Samm Qendra @ Spring Glass Pavilion

When I first came to Second Life I attended a lot of live shows and concerts. I used the Events calendar and hopped around looking for any singer who could actually sing in tune. I’m serious, deadly serious. There were performers with followings who literally couldn’t sing in tune. But today, inworld entertainment has come a long way and there is real talent in Second Life, talent like Samm Qendra.

On Sunday, Samm was scheduled to performed at Calas Galadhon’s Spring Glass Pavilion for the second time. And that just happened to be the perfect opportunity for me to take my new friend (The-Guy-Next-To-Me, I know he’s laughing about that moniker as he reads this) to one of my favorite places and see one of my favorite singers.

Samm was beautiful and seductive and demonstrated a vocal range I hadn’t fully realized the first time I saw her. From the very first moments of her performance, my friend was very impressed, which made me happy because his musical tastes are quite refined.
Samm’s performance drew a very large Sunday afternoon audience, an audience who responds to her music with love and appreciation.

I was particularly impressed with Samm’s ability to sing songs on request. It’s not like a DJ pulling out a tune from a terabyte of song inventory, this is a live performer responding to random requests. I noticed that she has command of many of the classic popular song and that reminded me of my own experiences when I studied singing. My teacher gave me a “fake book” which contained hundreds of the most requested songs and told me I should learn them all. That is work and takes dedication and also requires an investment in the music. So, I especially admire performers who have large repertoires of songs.

For those who haven’t heard Samm Qendra yet, join her group and catch the very next performance. And for those who haven’t figured this out yet, Truck, Ty and Magi have created three of the most wonderful live entertainment clubs on The Grid. In addition to The Spring Glass Pavilion, there is The Dolphin Cafe and of course, the inimitable Oz.

And by the way, if you haven’t visited the 10-sim complex at Calas Galadhon yet, you are missing one of the wonders of Second Life. (more on this soon)

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