Seabiscuit On The Blake Sea

I had a car I named Seabiscuit once, so when I was looking for a name for my new speedboat — oh yeah, forgot to mention I got a speedboat — that’s the first name to pop into my mind. I still have my sailboat, The Baby (Somebody’s Baby), but I’ve had so many problems navigating the Blake Sea I wanted to see how things go with just a straight power boat. And so tonight I did.

I launched Seabiscuit from a rez area at the SE tip of Nautilus Island. My plan was to circumnavigate the island and see how the boating was without the special effects of SL sailing. Before getting going, I stripped down to my bare bare minimum seagoing outfit (ok, I had to keep one bracelet but not shoes even, not even prim feet) and got a 424 ARC. Yay.

With The Biscuit in the water, I hopped into the cockpit and wow did I feel small. I was itsy-bitsy even and I’m a tall girl in Second Life. Anyway, I fiddled around with the HUD, beeped the horn, then flipped on the engines (a pair monster outboards that had to have like 1000s of horsepower). I loved that purrrrr of those big engines, so I put it in gear and tapped the throttle. Surprisingly, it moved out smooth and easy. Yeah!

That little tiny face in the cockpit, that’s me. But wow, this boat will let me take four passengers along with me, so let me know when you are ready to do some speedboatin’ with me.
Check this rocket out! Twin E.A. Worx 500hp outboards and yeah, that’s little tiny me sitting at the cockpit fiddling with the controls.
I headed east then turned north the made the westerly turn along the northern side of Nautilus. The sun was already kinda low in the sky, so I kept the speed up. There was a place I wanted to get to before sundown.

I saw many things along the way, but this was just a shakedown cruise, so I didn’t stop much. I liked the way The Biscuit handled in crossing the sims. And during the entire trip I only had one monster crossing where I got tossed out of the boat while it sailed off. It was such a bad crossing I had to relog but when I got back, I was able to find the boat still running but crashed into the docks at The Harbor. And surprisingly, I was able to just hop back in and pilot myself out and continue the cruise. The thing is, I made it to my first destination.

This was the enchanting harbor I discovered on one of my first trips out on The Blake Sea. Today, I was able to motor in and discovered that this is de Grasse at the Western Cape.

The decision to try motoring was a good one. I think if you are sailing across any sim you will confront the normal issues of sim crossings, but also the special challenges of winds increasing the adverse sim crossing effects. For now, I’ll be motoring but I plan to master this deep water sailing before I’m finished on the sea.

There will be more expeditions in the coming days, but for now I’ve started a folder called The Blake Sea on Flickr. There you find some more pics and comments and as my adventures continue, it should grow and grow. That’s all for now.

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I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions. I'm an avatar in Second Life and a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games.
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