Marley Despres @ REZ

One of the things that makes Second Life amazing is discovering the talents of your friends. I first heard Marley Despres spinning tunes at Javier Dulce’s Sixth Rez Day party. Javier & Marley are partners, three years, and I was surprised to learn that Marley was also DJ’ing. I was also knocked out by her easy way of spinning and filling the place with life.

Luv this pic: Marley “Red” Despres!

There are many things I like about Marley, but a couple things come to mind at once, she has one of the cutest voices and appealing styles of any DJ in Second Life, she’s just darling. And btw, her man is crazy about her.

Aside from being so much fun, Marley can spin with the best of them from rock to classic rock, techno to hip hop and many other genres.

About a month ago though, the girl revealed her hand when she did an “I Luv the 80s” show @ REZ Dance Club. Here are some pics from that show and a couple other recent shows.

The girl spinnin’ tunes and digging up memories!
The party just getting going at Rez Dance Club, that’s me on the right. Der beamed in for some dancin & prancin and somehow made it through a couple hip hop tunes, even. hehe
Marley Despres rockin’! chYo! Check this girl’s flow!

If you haven’t caught DJ Marley before, head over to REZ on Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 4:00-6:00pm SLT. And if you haven’t caught her husband, Javier “The Candyman” Dulce, he’s at Ambrosia on Wednesday and Friday nights. Marley & Javier, a totally hot couple and great people.

Btw, REZ is the second jewel in Phil Kearney’s triple crown business empire.

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