I, Sweatergirl

If I lived in olden times, I think I’d be a “sweatergirl.” My human read a book called Women’s Dress for Success by John T. Malloy back when she started working; it said something like, a sweater is the most sexual, seductive article of clothing. It also said a sweater shouldn’t be worn in the workplace. geeshhh!

Fortunately, I don’t go to that kind of workplace every day and I love sweaters. Unfortunately, in the early days of Second Life sweaters weren’t as good as t-shirts. Fortunately, in the past couple years, some designers have gotten a whole lot better at creating sweaters sytles and textures. In fact, after I finish this post I’m going shopping for some more sweaters. Following is a composite of one of my favorite sweaters of this year.

This style is by Dela and obviously come in many colors.


Gawk! (formerly Inimtably) v-neck (left);
GothiCatz cardigan (right).

Here are a couple sweaters from past years. I think they both go all the way back to maybe 2009, and these were like ahead of their time in quality and great looks.

Anyway, my human always loved sweaters and found that Malloy downright irritating. Nonetheless, my human made a practice of not wearing sweaters, especially those made of angora or mohair.

Note: This is not a fashion blog, so please don’t tell me that this post isn’t like fashion posts in real fashion blogs. hehe


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