The Artistry of Junkyard Blues, Part 3

When Junkyard Blues South was added to the Junkyard sim group, a distinctive curving canal was dredged right through the center of the sim. Along the bank of the canal are docks on both sides, and along this board walk you find some great stores.

In fact, more stores have been added in the past year as some new channels have been dredged into the main canal. Several of well known stores are part of the Junkyard shopping district, but the really delightful part is the many shops by owned by individual proprietors. In fact, you can rent shops relatively inexpensively.

I like to shop at malls in Second Life. I like the feeling of walking around and discovering things. I shop at Xstreet when I’m in a rush, but when I’m out to enjoy Shopping I like to just walk around. If you’re shopping is anything like mine, get on over to the JY. And btw, the stuff in the shops is definitely not junk.

This is the northern end of the shopping area, and at the southern end is the Junkyard U.
There are well know brands like Earthstones and there’s even a little Green Acres golf shop.
There are small stores too and many varied products are available.
And yes, there’s even a pawn shop right across from the Junkyard U.

The shopping area of Junkyard Blues is one of those pieces that fit together to form the entire JY experience. I have Junkyard Blues in my Wonders of Second Life because it is a complete community and in this three part series I’ve featured some of the elements of this Junkyard region that make it so popular, but also make it truly a wonder of Second Life.

I plan to post two more parts in this series where I’ll focus on the housing (houseboats, cottages, motel and island homes) and the Junkyard Blues nightclub itself. So, stay tuned.

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