Christmas Is Comin’

((Ok, after my rant about Viewer 2/3, I’m finished. I will torment myself one more time when I take Firestorm for a test drive, but that will be after New Years. For now, the world is back to normal, I ran Phoenix 1.6 last night and it felt really nice.))

It’s Christmastime and it’s approaching quickly, sooo much left to do. And when I’m not being a snarky technology critic, I’m still a Second Life socialite.

Last night, Reed and I went to the last show at the Christmas Pavilion @ Calas Gladhon. It was an elegant event as usual, featuring two of SL’s finest performers, Sultry Sonata and Anthony Galloway. Naturally, the creators of the Christmas Pavilion, Truck Meredith & Tymus Tenk were there, as was their gorgeous manager, Magi McBride.

The gorgeous Sultry Sonata filled the night with her warm and wonderful holiday music. (sorry we were late, Sultry)
Booming baritone, Anthony Galloway, pulled out all of his range of Christmas stylings, from the cherished to the funny.
The ballroom was filled with the many supporters of Calas Galadhon, as Magi, Truck and Ty host the party.
Reed and I danced in a sea of festive Christmas red. (As I post this photo I know I’ve soooo overworked my green and red dresses from GizzA.)

This is what Second Life should be about, enjoying the virtual world, dancing & prancing, supporting groups you care about. Well, having a handsome boyfriend and dressing in beautiful clothes. /me giggles. There’s a lot more, of course, but right now it’s the special time, full of hope for a new year.

I appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes at Linden Lab; I understand the pressures. But, a great deal more work goes on, on the Grid, inside those SL servers, that creates the “secret sauce” that makes this a second life. I believe, in the final analysis, it’s the people who create this “secret sauce” who will determine the Lab’s fate. Not the men who own the software and hardware.


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