Second Life Socialite Fizzles Out

A lot of New Years Celebrations began on Friday. And by Friday night I was thinking this was gonna be a partay, partay weekend. In fact, by Saturday morning I had grand plans to go on a party rampage. After all, a Second Life Socialite has to really do her job. /me giggles.

I got all dressed up in my rampage clothes. I checked the maps for over a dozen clubs I like. I got myself psyched way up. Then dang, I got way too over-psyched.

So, instead of racing to dozens of places, I slowed down and kinda limped on home to the finish line. My big plan was to do my first West coast new years celebration, but I fizzled after sometime after East coast new years, fizzled and fizzled out. That’s how my New Years ended, but wow, when I looked to all the photos from the two days I apparently had a lot more than I remembered. hehe. Check it.

I hadn’t been to Key West Marina in awhile, so on Friday,
I returned and dropped into a huge Maxamillion Kleen crowd.
Max is one of my favorite live SL performers!
Also on Friday, I atteneded Jewels Osterham and Zachh Cale performances
at the Christmas Pavilion 2011, it’s final show for the year.
Now, Truck & Ty plans for next year.
On Saturday night, Leanna and I headed over to a new club
called Tumbleweeds. Bluesy-rocker Straton Tigerpaw was spinning,
and a lot of familiar bluesy friends where there.
And how could I miss New Years at Junkyard Blues
with Miss Luci & The Posse!
My plan was to catch East Coast New Years at Ambrosia,
then return to the JY for West Coast New Years.
I arrived at Ambrosia just a little before East coast New Years.
There were 85 peeps on the sim but they wanted more, more, more.
Apparently, just after midnight, we reached the magic number
and brought the sim down in flames.

After the East coast New Years and Ambrosia sim crash, I beamed back into Second Life but by that time I was feeling the effects of way too much sake. I’d been drinking all evening and I was prolly drunk, I don’t remember. Anyway, I ran out of steam and just poofed a short time later.

Nonetheless, all the carrying on and partying was a good way to move past a difficult year, 2011. Now, onward into 2012 and the end of the world (at least for the an extinct Mayan civilization). hehe

One Last Time…
Hugs & Luv

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions. I'm an avatar in Second Life and a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games.
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