Dragons in the Rice Fields

Today was the 2nd performance of the Yume No Ukihashi Okiya, celebrating Japanese New Year. The show was billed as “When Dragons Ruled the Skies”, performed in the rice fields of Japan Chubu, under the presence of the great Matsumoto Castle. And it was another unique production, with geisha hovering above and zooming over the rice fields in elaborate costumes, including bright glowing lights representing dragons fire.

I arrived early and moved aside as the ladies setup for the show. I have to say I was surprised that there was no seating for the audience. Also, as guests arrived they were dropped right in the middle of the show, in front of the audience. Unfortunately I was having some connectivity problems and crashed while trying to set my Sun. So when I returned, I had to wait to rerezzed, then tried to catchup with the story. I didn’t get many photos but here are a couple I believe capture the essence of the show.

The geisha performed just above the rice fields.
The geisha danced as they flew around in a circle
with dragon heads and tails and wings.

Maiko Toshimaru (casiopia.marenwolf) directed the show, with minarai Mizuki (myeongwol), senior maiko Toshisono (jade.sharkfin), junior maiko Tamiko (rouge.lavendel), geico Toshiki (josiane.llewellyn), Toshikane (mikuru.baily) on shamisen, and okaasan Mizuko (kai.serapis).

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