Green Acres Lives!

If you missed it, back in November 2011, the owners of Green Acres Golf Course were planning to shut the golf course down. During the holidays, I kinda lost track of a lot of goings on, but yesterday as I was cleaning out old landmarks, I noticed that Green Acres seemed to be open. So, I asked Morton what’s what and and sure enough, he confirmed Green Acres is still open for business. That is a major YAY!

If you’ve never been there, or if you think SL golfing sounds silly, I suggest you give it a try. Yes, learning how to do everything on that first hole can be confusing, but after the first hole I promise you’ll get the hang of it. And once you get the hang of it, I promise you’ll discover the meaning of “immersion” in Second Life.

That’s me when I first discovered the joys of
Green Acres Golf Course.
It was the 4th hole and I was immersed!

Need more information? Checkout Morton’s blog. And if you fall in love with the experience at Green Acres, be sure to look for a discrete little sign on the 9th hole, it’s a tip sign. Do as I do, show a little Linden Love to Morton & Kae. And see you at Green Acres!

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