LModels Present Modero & Shey

Here’s the entrance to the Vero Modera & Shey Pose Fashion Show
presented by the amazing LModels Agency.

I was truly a fish out of water at a European style fashion show. Well, I’m pretty much a fish out of water at any fashion show. I’ve been to a total of three fashion shows, this being the third, the entire time I’ve been in Second Life. I’d have been to more but half of them were so bogged in lag I never saw anything.

The show was presented by the LModels Fashion Academy, Owner Lurdes Marville, Manager Diza Kira. When I arrived, lag was minimal and there were about 40 peeps on the sim, including SL fashion superstar Frolic Mills. Shortly after I arrived, the show began and I shot a huge number of pics but due to space limitations, here are a few photos that capture the essence of the show. Oh, one other thing, all the fashions were from Vero Modera or Shey Pose, but I didn’t have time to get notes on each outfit.

Early up, Airesu Felix caught my eye.
I mean, wow, what a hot look for any guy!
And there were great women’s fashions!
Here’s Locuala Madruga (right) in an outfit I would die for.
The pants have a great look and flow.
And here is — yes, she’s really walking with her arms wide open —
Natzuka Miliandrovic and she’s amazing.
And the dress! Omg, I adore this dress!!
((somebody please buy me this dress and take me dancing!))
The grand promanade
with the gorgeous Lurdes Marville in chocolate elegance.

This fashion show was an unexpected delight. I’m sure if I was a fashionista or attended more shows I could be more critical, but whad’d be the fun in that? And OMG, I have got to find that gorgeous red dress & boots worn by Natzuka Miliandrovic! I wish you could have seen this girl strut her stuff, I could watch her all night. You go girl!! A wonderful group of people enjoying a wonderful activity, what could be better than that? Just when you think SL doesn’t have any surprises, find yourself a fashion show.

If you want to graduate in LModels, please feel free to contact Lurdes Marville or Diza Kira for more info.

ps: thanks for the invite Mik.

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions. I'm an avatar in Second Life and a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games.
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2 Responses to LModels Present Modero & Shey

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yordie, I love this! Wish they had an SL profile share! It's Romie!


  2. Anonymous says:

    lovely – what fun to go to a fashion show. Apologies for the "anaonymous" — I don't remember my google account name, or any other name I might be using. (big sigh) Oh well — I still LOVE Yordie's blogs because I can identify with them.


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