I Found The Blue Crystal

There was no shoot’em up. There were monsters trying to kill me, but I didn’t have to blast them with an RPG. There were quests and they were simple enough for me to figure them out. It took me about two hours (I know, I’m kinda lame as a gamer) to finish my final quest, “Find the Blue Crystal.” Also, I made about L$20 for my effort. Yessie, last night I played Linden Realms — I think the particular game was Summoning Circle — and I had fun! Yay!

I forgot the name of the dude who was sending me on my quests,
but this is his workshop. /me smiles
That’s me in relative safety, getting a map check.
I ran around for two hours jumping over monsters.
I think I went through portal “III” to here.

I want to testify here. This is something Linden Lab did really well. I was sooo skeptical, but once I got into the swing of things I got swept away. I stopped several times to just observe, but mostly I ran around and jumped and grabbed all the crystals I could find. Hardcore gamers would fall asleep in LR, but this little game has a purpose. I had to use all my basic skills to avoid getting killed over and over again, as I scurried around the six or eight sims (lost count).

Oh, this is funny, once when I stopped a newbie girl said outloud, I’m so tired and I haven’t found any money yet. So, I gave her L$4 (my earnings at that point). She was amazed. hehehehe. I suppose she could have been panhandling, and now she’ll be back there every night trying her line out. But maybe she was just tired and a little kindess of strangers helped.

Bravo LL!

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