The Sea Girl

Ok, I love The Biscuit, but it’s so big I feel like a pixie sitting in the cockpit. Also, it’s brown and I’m more of a color kinda girl. Otoh, I love those big 500hp A.E. engines sitting on the stearn. And the A.E. rounabout will let me carry up to 5 passengers. Yay, Seabiscuit.

So, I was looking for something a little less macho. The tradition of naming boats and ships after women doesn’t mean the boat itself has a feminine look and feel, but some boats are just the right size and have just the right look to be a little bit girly.

Anyway, I was looking at really expensive boats. I used SL Marketplace and just started at the top and worked my way down. I got through maybe 50 pages of boats, then decided to try the other end. I started with the freebies. And after only a couple pages I found this really nice looking inboard runabout (search for “MM SD35”).

This is me gunning those big inboard engines of
The Sea Girl.
The Girl has a really nice feel to it
and will fly across the water, but
I don’t know how many passengers she’ll carry.
When I got back to the dock
I gave The Girl a paint job.
I think this girl is the red kind.

This boat is a “Street Dancer” design by Michie Yokosuka. And you cannot beat the price @ L$0. I’m half expecting some kind of expiration date to kick in and poof away she goes forever. There are some things missing, a skipper’s HUD with speed gauge and such, so I was going to head over to Michie’s store today and see if there’s a more advanced version of the boat for sale there.

Sadly, I discovered that the creator’s store was no longer open. I checked her profile and discovered it had been closed since 1/12/2011. I rechecked her Marketplace store and discovered she is apparently giving away all of her products for L$0. When I realized this, I had that sinking feeling that there might be another very sad story there.

I’ve got some great boats and love all of them, Somebody’s Baby, Seabiscuit and now, The Sea Girl. I’m still mulling the name, btw. I love the Seattle Seahawks and their cheerleaders are The Sea Gals. I’m thinking maybe The Sea Gal would be hawt. Ah! So much to think about. /me smiles

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