DJ Tabasco Sauce @ Junkyard Blues

Saturday night Dina Petty asked me to host on Sunday. DJ JC was off and she arranged for DJ Tabasco Sauce to spin from noon till 3:00pm. Well, hey! I’ve still got some hosting blood in my veins. And I’m a DG. And yo, I want to support Junkyard Blues. So, sure I was honored to host. And I did.

I’d never heard Tabasco Sauce spin before, but he is a real deal Cajun and when I read that he plays blues and Cajun and, my favorite of all, Zydeco, I was amped. So, Tabasco and I met up at the JY before the show and got all sync’d and ready to roll. He was surprised to see that I’d dressed sorta in his Cajun biker style, so we hit it off great. And once Tabasco opened the show I had a blast listening to that deep voice of his and the great set he put together. Yay Mr. Sauce!

DJ Tabasco Sauce is a big Cajun dude
with a big voice and a cool howl:
There was between 30 and 50 peeps in the Yard
for the full three hours of our show.
That’s me lower center in black.

I was a little nervous. I haven’t hosted in over a year and didn’t know if I’d be able to keep up with all the goings on. Fortunately there were some Dreamgirls in the crowd and that made me feel a little more confident. Anyway, the tunes were great, the place was hoppin’ and I was thrilled to help Tabasco get rolling at the Junkyard.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get many photos.

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1 Response to DJ Tabasco Sauce @ Junkyard Blues

  1. gypsy tejas says:

    Love the name tabasco. I've been Savannah Georgia Johnson forever. But Tabasco is the BEST


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