BLVD & Qpium Evolution Mardi Gras

I had forgotten about it till Leanna reminded me Saturday. So, we planned to get all dressed up for Mardi Gras and check this thing out. I had a great time at the last fashion show I attended and had the notion of something similar in my head, going into the Mardi Gras. Ok, it said there’d be floats and all but I just couldn’t picture this. Oh my was I in for a surprise!

Before I begin, I’m just gonna focus on a few things, afterall, there were fourteen floats (yes, 14). And there were maybe forty models (yes 40) and by my count over 180 peeps on the four sims! So, if you would like more photos I uploaded about 20 Mardi Gras photos on Flickr.

BLVD & Opium Mardi Gras Fashion Parade
The Welcome float opened the
Mardi Gras Fashion Parade!
BLVD & Opium Mardi Gras Fashion Parade
Here is one of my favorite floats,
the caLLie cLine’s float.
BLVD & Opium Mardi Gras Fashion Parade
Another really cool float,
The NV float.
BLVD & Opium Evolution
Mardi Gras 2012
The King & The Queen

The event went on for two hours but at the end, the King & Queen of the Mardi Gras was announced as he & he turned onto the parade route, and it was King Anastasia Markova & last minute surprise Queen, Frolic Mills.

BLVD & Opium Mardi Gras Fashion Parade
King Anastasia & Queen Frolic
riding above the crowds!
BLVD & Opium Mardi Gras Fashion Parade
Here’s some lively looking spectators:
xaNa (left), sadbad Shan, and
Yordie (in pink & turquoise) and Leanna (white feathers).

I haven’t been to enough fashion shows to really know all the nuances, but this was an extravagance by all of Second Life’s standards! It was planned beautifully to manage the huge crowd and hey, the peeps in the streets were great! And after their floats went through, even the models joined us. It was just a blast!

Laissez les bon temps roullez!

So, I guess I’m back to being a Second Life socialite. Oh yeah, and Leanna has some pics in her post too.


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  1. I didn't know what to expect at this fashion show.. but it was totally over the top. Applause to the organizers of this grand parade.Well done!!!


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