The Way Of The Fashion Model

BLVD & Opium Mardi Gras Fashion Parade - More Photos
Fashion models fill the
Vero Modero float with color and life

I’ve become interested in Second Life fashion modelling. No, I’m not interested in becoming a model (I’m quite comfortable as a Second Life socialite *giggles*), but I’m fascinated by all the goings on.

Oh, before I forget, I uploaded more photos to my Mardi Gras set on Flickr.

I don’t have any friends that model in my circle (/me is thinking, “Who do I know that’s a model?). Well, ok, I have one friend who went to modelling school back in the early days. She was even on a magazine cover, but she isn’t part of that lifestyle.

Nonetheless, I’m finding the modelling lifestyle interesting. I mean, it’s a form of SL role play: models learn the trade, the walk, the look, fashion and makeup. They are the center of attention and publicity, perform in shows and pageants, and I can’t help thinking are at the center of exquisite drama (/me smiles) — cool stuff, no?

Anyway, indirectly, through my photography and blog posts, I find myself out on the outer fringe of the modelling & fashion world. And I’m thinking of doing some more posts about models, fashion designers, agencies and their way of life in Second Life. So, more on this in the future.


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